Educational Therapist & Transitional Mentor

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“Sometime in our lives, we reach a crossroad, when we can feel challenged or unable to make decisions.  These times can feel scary or confusing and we struggle to make choices or think clearly.  You might want to make changes but feel uncertain how or what to do and this can impact not only on yourself but also on your family, friends and even in the work place.  Transition is about change, making choices and reflecting on our journeys.”

ON REFLECTION can offer confidentiality, a non-judgemental and private space to discuss and explore issues that you might be experiencing. Some of the specific issues that can be discussed are:

Anger Management, Anxiety,  Abuse,  Bereavement & Loss, Depression, Divorce /Separation, Family Dynamics, Health issues, Life coaching, Mentoring, Mediation, Redundancy, Relationships, Stress, Work issues.